Day 16: Let it expand~~~~


On Day 16, the main focus was to determine the expansion of the dough. The dough should be expanding greatly now because the high concentration of microbes inside the dough that is producing a great amount of CO2. From Day 0, the purpose of the inoculation was to cultivate enough microbes that could perform fermentation, so that the dough that will be used for baking will be airy and fluffy on the inside. The purpose of today was to check if the dough was expanding enough from the CO2 created by these microbes.

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The expansion could be seen from 3:12pm to 4:20pm, then the contraction from 5:35 pm and so forth. The reason for the expansion was because the microbes that had been transferred from the previous night sample and the ones inoculated from my hands had settled in and started to produce CO2. The expansion is basically like a balloon getting filled with air. The contraction probably had to do with the gravity pulling the dough down, or the upkeep of the CO2 production by the microbes decreased. The reason for the microbes not being able to upkeep the CO2 amount could indicate the death or decrease in growth of the microbes.

Well, at the end of the day, I was fairly impressed because I used to just do the whole inoculation process in a small glass container. This prevented me from seeing the expansion and the contraction because I would make the dough in the same bowl they were mixed in, so the container was always covered in dough. This time, because I transferred the container into a new clean cup, I could actually see the expansion and the contraction!

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