Day 14/15: Too much Alcohol


On Day 14/15, I drew back my kitchen towels to see that my beautiful dough had developed a crust in one day. When I drew back the top layer, I saw this oozing dough with bubbles everywhere. Bubbles on the bottom and bubbles on the top! I don’t know if the spooning off the cover had something to do with it, but it was so beautiful~ 😀 The dough smelled very “alcohol-ey”. For avid bread lovers, I think we would understand what it means for the dough to smell “alcohol-ey”, so I will let you guys use your imaginations! If I was to rate 1 to 10 with Day 6/7 being a 3, today was an 8 on the scale of how strong the alcohol smell was.


I think that the dough is gradually getting more and more fermented, and I am extremely excited for the final product and we are so CLOSE! Stay tuned for the final product at around the 20th! 🙂

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