Day 10/11: Good enough to Eat

( 5/8-5/9/16)

On Day 9/10, I am seeing MORE BUBBLES! I do feel that the weather had something to do with it because it had gotten warmer, but then I would like to believe that my three revelations made an incredible difference in the growth of the microbes! The smell of the dough has intensified in the alcohol scent, but the sour smell overwhelms it and gives off this yummy aroma that I started to salivate. It’s incredible that these guys started out smelling like garbage, and now, they smell so flavorful and good!


In all honesty, I could just cook this baby up right now because it smells so sweet!

2 thoughts on “Day 10/11: Good enough to Eat

  1. How exciting!! Im glad that it seems to be coming together how it’s supposed to and smelling good! Hopefully the end product is great! Good luck!


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