Day 6/7: Could this be the END?

(5/5~ 5/6/16)

On Day 6 and so forth, I will be repeating the same transfer process mentioned from Day 4 and Day 5, but posting every other day. This includes adding 1 TEASPOON of dough from the previous inoculation and transferring it to a new glass bowl. Then, adding 2 TABLESPOONS of the flour mix from Day 0/1 and there it is! 

Now moving onto the observations.—–⇓

On Day 7,  I retrieved my dough baby to see that there were very few bubbles. Sad, but expected because from Day 5, I noticed that the amount of bubble on the top exponentially decreased (compared to my first trial), and no bubbles were seen on the bottom. I feel like a lot had to do with the increasingly cooler weather because there haven’t been a day I haven’t worn a jacket outdoor all week. Also, because the suspected micro flora on skin that is the major fermentative agent in the dough is probably Propionibacterium and Streptococcus, which are mesophiles (can grow at 20-40 Celcius) that prefer warmer temperature, the microbes aren’t able to procreate at the lower end of the temperature spectrum.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.10.39 PM
As you can see, the weather had been getting cooler and cooler, depending where you live. 😦


The good news to this was that my dough finally smelled, well sour! Because the pungent odor of garbage lasted longer this time (vs. the first time I did my dough), I thought that I was incubating some monstrous organism of unknown origins. Thankfully, that wasn’t so! Like I mentioned, there were very few bubbles, but when I scooped up the dough with the measuring spoon, I saw a lot of bubbles. I don’t know if the fact that there were bubbles on the spoon during the transferring of the microbes onto a new container is significant, but I would like to believe so. XD

*Just science fact of the day, the sour scent coming from the dough is because of the lactic acid produced, which is the by-product of fermentation. 🙂




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