Day 5: Stinky invasion


On Day 5, I retrieved my bowl again to see that my dough baby didn’t have many bubbles. Maybe it’s because of the cooler weather, but the dough hadn’t really dried on the top like it did before like on Day 2. Today I will basically repeat what I did on Day 4 by peeling off the outer layer and scooping 1 teaspoon from the bottom to be mixed in with 2 tablespoons of flour mix to feed more nutrients for the yeasts.

Not much bubbles today. Incredibly regretting getting the wheat flour with actual wheat chunks because can’t really make out rather I am looking at a bubble or a wheat flake!

The smell of the dough was horrendous. It smelled like rotting trash left in the sun too long, and I am starting to wonder if something went wrong, where all the fermentative skin flora had been killed off by a more pathogenic bacteria that is emanating this foul odor. Quite worried because this is my second try at sourdough making, and on my first try, by the 5th day, the dough gave off this sweet, sourdough smell. Please wish me luck that I am not incubating some foreign, pathogenic, invasive bacterium. 😦

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Stinky invasion

  1. Back when I was in college (early 1980s), I made a sourdough starter for bread making. My girlfriend/fiancee took some to her microbiology class and it was well appreciated and well used in the labs. I sometimes wonder if the starter lives on in the labs.

    I killed that starter during a move (careless), but made another one and it’s 2 years older than my 18 year old daughter. 🙂


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