Day 2/Day 3: My first Bubble!

(5/1 ~ 5/2/16)


On Day 2 and Day 3, I basically observed for any signs of bubbling that would indicate growth of bacteria inoculated from my hands from the initial day 0/day 1. The bubbling is an important indicator of growths of microbes because it shows that there are by-products of fermentation (CO2 gas and alcohol prevalently ethanol) produced by the inoculated yeast and bacteria. The smell of the dough is very sour and rancid. When I mean sour, I don’t mean sourdough yummy sour, but more like an orange left to spoil sour. It is spreading throughout my house and I am sure my sister is not happy.

2016-04-27 23.53.55
Many bubbles formed and drying around rim. Yeah~~
2016-04-27 23.10.17
Dry crust formed on top, but moist on the bottom.
Bottom view of Day 3, underneath the crust (^o^). Very little bubble formed but better than nothing~~

As you can see from the photos, on Day 2, there were bubbles formed and had started to dry out by the rim. On Day 3, the outer of the dough was completely dried out, but the bottom of the dough showed slight bubbling( very little T-T), but maintained its moisture. 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow, where I will be finally utilizing the inoculated dough!

2 thoughts on “Day 2/Day 3: My first Bubble!

  1. Wow. This brings back a lot of memories. 36 years ago, while in college, I created a sourdough starter and my girlfriend took some to her microbiology class. According to her it was used extensively in the labs.

    I sometimes wonder if the starter still lives on in the those labs.

    That starter was killed by my carelessness during a move and I had to start another one. The “new” starter is about 20 years old.


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