Day 0/Day 1: Let’s get Started

01b9dd273d5908c8a32dac5c06a2e86f( 4/30/16)

Beginning the bread making process starts with gathering the right ingredients. The recipe used in this blog is referenced from the Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson (Chronicle Books 2010; ISBN 978-0-8118-7041) and taken from the CSULA MICR 370 Project 1.

The ingredients are listed below:

1. Bread flour (or all purpose if you cannot find it)

2. Whole wheat flour

3. Rice flour (very small quantity)

4. Kosher salt

5. Water 6. Measuring cups

7. Measuring spoons

8. Small and large clear bowls – disposable are fine for the first few days but you will need a larger glass bowl towards the end

9. Kitchen towels

10. Zip lock bags (large)

11. Dutch oven (pot with lid)

12. Sharp knife

On Day 0/Day 1, it is basically obtaining 1 cup of flour( unbleached, bread flour) and 1 cup of whole wheat flour. After washing your hands, mix the pre-measured flour in a zip lock bag, then take out 2 tablespoons into a small glass container. PLEASE USE A SMALL GLASS CONTAINER. I don’t have any scientific basis on this, but for my first trial, I used a plastic container and no bubbling was found. Mix the flour slowly with lukewarm water until you have a paste or smooth, pancake-like batter. The mix shouldn’t bee too wet or you will “drown” the yeasts or no bubble will be visibile. Trust me, I did that. LOL. :'(. The mixing process should include direct contact between your hands (washed prior to mixing) and your batter for the transfer of bacteria and yeast from your hands. This is called inoculation. After mixing, place your batter over a cool, dark corner of your kitchen. This location must have some-what consistent temperature because of the inoculation process.

*If the temperature fluctuates or is too hot, the mix will become inhabitable for the microbes to thrive and ruin the inoculation process.


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